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Big last-day

Big last-day

rush expected

of candidates

Tomorrow, Friday, April 2, is the last day for Democratic and Republican candidates to qualify to run in the June 1 primaries.

Lee B. Williams, chairman of the Clarke County Democratic Executive Committee and his Republican counterpart, Edmon McKinley, chairman of the county GOP party, both confirmed today that they are expecting a late afternoon rush of a number of candidates seeking a variety of offices.

A cigar-chomping senior attorney from a county in the circuit is rumored to be a surprise candidate for district attorney.

Highly successful in his law practice, most had assumed that he was not interested. "Aw heck, I wanna finish up with a grand title and I think I’ll give ’er a shot," he was supposedly overheard to drawl at a cattle sale in Lucedale, Miss.

A well known native son who holds a Ph.D. in history may be returning to Clarke County to run for the office of superintendent of education, a position held over the years by others in his family.

The former college president has been associated with both Democrats and Republicans over the years and it is uncertain as to what party he will qualify with. He may even run as an independent, a cousin who is handling the campaign said.

At least two new candidates, maybe three, are expected in each of the county commission races in Districts 2, 4 and 5 although party affiliation for these candidates is also uncertain at presstime.

Candidates have until 5 p.m. Friday to qualify for the June 1 primary races. More on Page 4.

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