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A Chinese attorney, well-known in his native country and who has practiced for decades in Hong Kong, will soon relocate his thriving law practice to Grove Hill.

Iye Su Yoo will construct a 5-story law office on the Highway 43 by-pass. He is a partner in the firm Wee Cheetum Yoo & Howe which specializes in international and maritime law but also accepts more common legal cases too.

"We decided to locate in Grove Hill because of the economical property prices. We will build an air strip next to the law office that will accommodate our corporate jet," Yoo explained.

"We do a lot of work in New Orleans and it will be only minutes away."

Yoo said he got the idea to locate in Grove Hill from his cousin, who is a member of a racing pigeon club in New Orleans that frequently trucks pigeons here to be released for a race back to New Orleans.

"If they can fly the distance in a short time we should be able to do it in the blink of an eye in our jet," he explained.

Yoo would not comment, but it is rumored that the firm also represents the Choctaw Indian tribe that will be locating a gambling casino here (see story above) and that is one of the major reasons for the firm locating in Clarke County.

Yoo would not reveal the exact location he had purchased for his new office and declined to say when construction on the building might start.

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