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Clarke County Deeds

Marriage license applications

William Andrew Scott IV, to Heather Suzanne Dozier.

Elbert McCants, to Shelia Renae Chapman.

Matthew Paul Tyler, to Allyn Hardy Ernest.

Chad Edward Morris, to Elizabeth Johnson Beech.

Larry Kyle Huff, to Tiffany Lynn Lewis.

Marriage license applications are just that—applications for licenses, not necessarily actual marriages.

Property deeds listed Nov. 1-7

Dennis Haskew, to Hagen
A. Steadham.
Jackie R. Davis, to Pennivae D. Vinning.
Ramon Newton, to Ralph
3D Land Development
LLC, to Dean Deas.
Kelli Langley, to the Betty
Langley Maxwell Revocable Trust.
David A. Snell, to Merchants Bank.
Linda Fay Cochran, to Virgie Mae Hodge.
Robert S. Bowling III, to
Forest Avenue Baptist
Robert Gerald Lindholm,
to Virginia Lindholm.
J. Renard Knight, to
Michael S. Ledkins.
Michael S. Ledkins, to
Capstone Bank.
Vera V. Wiggins Davenport, to David Fred Davenport. David Fred Davenport, to
John Thomas Davenport.
Gussie H. L. Brinsont, to
Deutsche Bank National
Trust Company.
Bank of America, to the

Secretary of Housing and
Urban Development.
Elizabeth D. Criswell, to
Elizabeth D. Criswell.
Elizabeth D. Criswell, to
Eugenia H. Williams.
Earl C. Hoven Jr., to Elizabeth D. Criswell.
Earl C. Hoven Jr., to Elizabeth D. Criswell.
Circuit Clerk-Jay Duke, to
Kimberly Allday.
James C. Haskew Jr., to
Gaytha H. Champion.
Secretary of Housing and
Urban Development, to

Jesse Presnall.
Shirley F. Chatel, to Linda
Fleming Xia.
Lorenzo F. Johnson, to
Louis McAboy.
Frances W. Johnson, to
Louis McAboy.

The index to deed recordings is used for this listing. The index lists only one grantor and one grantee party while the actual recorded deed may list more.

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