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George H. W. Bush

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George Herbert Walker Bush died at his home in Houston, Texas Friday. He was 94. His one-term presidency ended a quarter of a century ago. More...

GOP won House race in 2005

Editor’s Notes

Brett Easterbrook is not the first Republican to be elected to the District 65 seat in the Alabama House of Representatives as was stated in information with a photograph of Easterbrook being sworn in last week.  More...

Nick Williams was first GOP rep!

Dear Editor:  I enjoyed seeing the front-page photo of Brett Easterbrook being sworn in by Nick Williams in the Nov. 29th issue.  There was however a major mistake in the caption. More...

Political Cartoon

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Political winners and losers

Inside the Statehouse

Now that the dust has settled on this year’s elections, let’s look back at who are the big winners and losers of the year.  More...

Why Chik-fil-A is Number One

Dollars & Cents

Chik-fil-A has consistently ranked first among fast food restaurants in consumer satisfaction surveys. But the firm’s accomplishments do not stop there. Its annual sales per store far exceeded other fast food restaurants in 2017.  More...