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Political Cartoon

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Gone South

Just a little bitty ol’ tick

I never thought much about ticks when I was growing up.  Since my home was hard against a forest in which I was free to ramble, I knew to check myself and my clothes closely when I returned from my outings. More...

Cornbread & Buttermilk

No road kill at buffets!

When you’re writing a column for or about the South, you can’t go very long without writing about the foods we hold so dear.  Which brings me to the subject of road kill.  More...

Then and Now

Say cheese! Photography has come a long way!

Do you have pictures of your greatgrandparents in those huge, heavy black frames? Chances are the grimacing, serious faces are only endearing to you because they are your folks. More...

Editor’s Notes

I’m jumping around on a variety of topics this week.  ****  More...

Inside the Statehouse

Bobbsey Twins lead Senate

We are at the end of the third regular legislative session of this quadrennium. They are closing in on the culmination of their four-year terms.  More...

From the Nethermost

Don’t just read...eRead!

Between May 15 and June 1, eReaders all over the world are invited to simultaneously check out the same book from their eLibrary. More...


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Greasepit Grammar

Everyone isn’t free to be themselves

Bubba was recently cut in on a conversation between a learned Swampscum pastor and a parishioner who is a stickler for proper English.  More...