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Hope for new prez

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Donald Trump has proven new campaign techniques. You can bully and belittle people, be a racist and a sexist and all other kind of words too hard to spell and be elected president with a large Electoral College vote. Even the circus barker P. T. More...

Sessions next secretary of defense?

Inside the Statehouse

Donald J. Trump’s election to the presidency left the pollsters and pundits from every media outlet and news network with egg on their face. It also left them with their mouths ajar in shock. More...

Political Cartoon

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Political Cartoon

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A TV sitcom comedy life

Editor’s Notes

A month or so ago we found a kitten, barely three or four weeks old, under a pallet on the dock of The Democrat. No one had any idea where it came from. I tried to pawn the cat off on everyone at the newspaper but had no takers. More...

This cemetery was deeded to its residents

Gone South

Next time you watch a University of Alabama football game, pay particular attention when the Goodyear Blimp, which always seems to be there, flies over Bryant-Denny Stadium. More...

What to expect from President Donald Trump

Dollars & Cents

The presidential election — one of the most acrimonious in history — is finally behind us. In a stunning upset, real estate mogul Donald Trump won a sweeping victory and will take office on January 20, 2017. More...

The great ’53 Manhattan Club trip

It was Saturday night, Sept. 3, 1953 in Grove Hill. I had a white, 1950 4-door Plymouth and was riding, along with Donald Duke, Jackie Duke, Larson Edge and Mack Williamson. It was the Saturday before Labor Day. More...