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Respect, revere but don’t idolize

Editor’s Notes

Here’s the deal: I stand for the National Anthem and I say the Pledge of Allegiance with sincerity while looking at the flag.  There has been a lot of posturing, a lot of raging over the past couple of weeks against NFL players who “ More...

Dealing with high drug prices

Dollars & Cents

A reader asked, “Why are drug prices so high? I don’t understand it.” This question is no doubt on the minds of many people. Prescription drug prices continue to increase at rates much higher than the rate of inflation. More...

Visiting William Faulkner

Gone South

I have never been much for visiting graveyards at night.  More...

Moore keeps right on bouncing back

Inside the Statehouse

Judge Roy Moore and his wife, Kayla, made their traditional horseback ride to their voting place in Gallant in Etowah County, last Tuesday and when all the votes were counted that night, they won a resounding victory. More...

Political Cartoon

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