November 16, 2017 RSS feed / Editorial

Leading community colleges

Inside the Statehouse

In March of this year, the Alabama Community College System took a giant leap forward when it brought on a giant in state government and one of Alabama’s preeminent leaders, Jimmy Baker, to be Chancellor. More...

Good choice for fed chairman

Dollars & Cents

After weeks of anticipation and speculation, President Trump has nominated a successor to Federal Reserve (Fed) chairman Janet Yellen. More...

On being Scotch-Irish

Gone South

A while back Parade magazine headlined what they described as “A Provocative Report” by former Navy Secretary James Webb. More...

Country legends and first frosts

Through the Past

October 29—Sunday morning in Chilton—first frost on the grass and the tin-covered buildings! First frosts stirred up more emotion in past years than now. More...

Political Cartoon

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