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Good advice: ‘Go along to get along’

Inside the Statehouse

The legendary Speaker of the U.S. House, Sam Rayburn, coined a famous phrase he used often and imparted to young congressmen when they would arrive on Capitol Hill full of vim and vigor.  More...

Questionable recommendation

Dollars & Cents

In what appears to reek of protectionism, a federal trade regulator has recommended a 50 percent tariff on washing machines imported from South Korea. More...

Protecting Second Amendment rights

Congress Reports

The Second Amendment is clear: “the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.” Despite what some may try to argue, the Second Amendment makes clear that the federal government cannot prevent individuals from ownin More...

Happy Holidays

Gone South

Well, the “War on Christmas” doesn’t seem quite so heated this year. More...

Political Cartoon

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