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Looking back as a new year nears

Editor’s Notes

“The past is never dead. It's not even past.” William Faulkner, from Requiem for a Nun   It was a simple cobweb-covered casement window. A single pane of the old-fashioned style that you turned a handle to crank it out.  More...

Tax reform long overdue

Dollars & Cents

The long wait is over. A key campaign promise of President Trump for tax reform is a done deal! But what will it mean for the economy and for each of us?  Let’s look at some of the highlights. More...

A tax cut for Christmas

Congress Reports

This Christmas, the American people received a gift that isn’t found underneath the tree but will be found in your pocketbook and paychecks over the coming years. I’m talking about passage of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. More...

Remembering those we lost

Inside the Statehouse

At the close of each year, my tradition is to acknowledge the passing away of significant political leaders from the political stage in our beloved state. We lost some icons this year. More...

Political Cartoon

Full Story

Ain’t worth a cuss

Gone South

I will try to keep this clean. Don’t want to offend the offendable. Not worried about the others. You know who you are. Well guess what? More...