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Tuscaloosa de facto capital?

Inside the Statehouse

Awhile back, during Dr. More...

All hail home brew

Gone South

Some friends, distressed as I am over what is happening to bourbon (have asked me what can be done to stave off this assault on one of the few remaining strongholds of Dixie’s old white guys.  My response.  Nothing.  More...

Fighting for rural Alabama

Congress Reports

Approximately 46 million people call rural America home, according to information from the Department of Agriculture. These rural communities make up the backbone of our state and play a substantial role in the overall American economy.  More...

Hunting with ‘Birdshot’ Cotten

Guest Columnist

There’s an old saying of not being able to make chicken salad out of other things that come out of a chicken and there’s a saying that you can’t make lemonade without lemons. More...

Possible economic challenges

Dollars & Cents

A reader posed a question that is being asked by many people, “The economy seems to be doing reasonably well now, but what could cause it to go wrong in 2018?”  More...

Political Cartoon

Full Story

Taking stock as new year begins

Center for Effective Government

This may seem odd, but as I look ahead to a year we all know will be momentous, you want to know what I feel most strongly? Gratitude.  More...