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Lackluster primary; even some candidates seem uninterested

Our Opinions

We have a primary election coming up on June 5 to nominate Democratic and Republicans to various offices from governor and other state offices right down to county level offices.  But no one seems interested.  More...

Few surprises as primary draws closer

Inside the Statehouse

As we get down to the lick log in the 2018 June Primary, there are few if any surprises in any of the major state races. Polling indicates that all of the contests are about where they were three or four months ago when the races began.  More...

Political Cartoon

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Political Cartoon

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Glitzy wedding gets more attention than another school shooting

A punk kid shot and killed eight fellow students and two teachers at a Santa Fe, Texas high school just outside of Houston Friday.  The nation paused for a second and offered a tsk, tsk, tsk and a sad shake of the head and then moved on to more More...

A lot of changes in 60 years

Dollars & Cents

It was a beautiful spring evening in May 1958. And it was a momentous occasion — the long-awaited graduation — for 117 high school students. More...

‘Forever profoundly grateful’

Gone South

Shortly after it was published back in 1997, I gave my father a copy of Stephen E. Ambrose’s Citizen Soldiers, which focuses on the role played by junior officers in the defeat of Germany in World War II. More...

From Our Files 125 years ago

From The Democrat’s May 1893 issues

“The three convicts sentenced to hard labor for the county at the recent circuit court were taken away last Tuesday.”  More...