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Pray for and give to help Hurricane Florence victims   More...

Here’s how Guy Hunt got elected

Inside the Statehouse

Since this is a gubernatorial election year, allow me to share an epic governor’s race with you. The 1986 governor’s race will be remembered as one of Alabama’s most amazing political stories. More...

Political Cartoon

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Not betting on state sports betting

Guest Columnist

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled last May that states could legalize sports betting. More...

Follow Preston Brooks’ example

Gone South

According to my buddy John, the Preston Brooks Society (of which he is founder and, until he admitted me, the sole member) has declared September 20 as “a Southwide day of mourning and self-examination.”  Why September 20?  It w More...

The market system in action

Dollars & Cents

A situation unfolding in West Texas is a good example of market forces in action. A recent expansion of mining for a type of sand used in shale oil production has created a glut in the market. In short, supply exceeds demand. More...

Here’s why I believe in America

Center for Effective Government

It’s so easy these days to despair about the future of our country. It feels like half the people I run into just want to pull the covers over their heads and ignore the news.  More...