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A great love story
Just in time for Christmas gift giving
Before online dating, there was “The Lonely
Hearts Club,” an early pen pal newspaper
dating column. John Flinn, from Barlow Bend,
Alabama, had recently lost his wife, leaving
him with six children. He was looking for help
and companionship.
Claudia Beasley was looking for someone to
take her away from her hometown of Newton,
Alabama. Even though she was not exactly
what John was expecting when they met, it
became a true love story.
This book tells the story of Claude through the
eyes of her great-grandson, John Cauley, and
tells stories passed down from family and
Take a journey to
the deep woods
and dusty red
dirt roads of the
Deep South. You
will fall in love with
Claude Flinn!
The Clarke County Democrat
Grove Hill
The South Alabamian
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