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Natural Gas: Now it's a better deal than
ever! Clarke-Mobile Counties Gas Dis-trict
wants you to experience the comfort
and convenience of natural gas and we
have several ways to do so.
If you don't have natural gas but are
within reach of our lines, we will extend
gas service to you and give you a natu-ral
gas hot water heater to replace your
electric or propane one! And if you are already a Clarke-Mo-bile
customer but don't have a natural gas heater, we'll give
you one, too!
We'll install it and in most instances run lines to service it.
We also will run lines for your other gas needs, either free or
for a very nominal cost. Contact us for details.
We want your business and we want you to see how clean
and efficient, and economical, natural gas is. Call us!
Serving Jackson,
Grove Hill, Thomasville,
Chatom, McIntosh,
Coffeeville, Pine Hill,
Orange Beach and
other areas.
Main Office:
2003 College Ave.
Jackson, Ala.
We can provide
you with a FREE
hot water heater!
with a Bachelor of
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